Every summer, an average of 20 children in Europe die from a heat stroke
inside a car.

You never expect something like this will happen to you. Until it’s too late.

Gabriel is a car option that watches over your children
like a guardian angel.

It 's small keyring connected to a pressure-sensitive mat that fits any child seat.


If the driver leaves the car

with a child still in the seat, a first warning will sound. From that point, the mat continuously measures the temperature inside the car.


As soon as the temperature rises above 28 degrees...

the heat alarm is activated. Alerting the parent that his or her child is in danger and they should return to the car immediately.

This car option wasn’t invented in a lab.

It was conceived in the mind of a regular driver.

During the Opel Smart Options project, we asked drivers to come up with their own ideal car option, while offering them the chance to win it.

1350 ideas were received.
70 stunning ideas made the shortlist.
And the winning idea went into production.

Meet Kenny de Vlieger

Father of 2 sons.
Inventor of a life-saving car option for kids: Gabriel.

Together with our professional engineers and designers, the option was perfected and installed in Kenny’s Opel Astra.

But it didn’t end there...

Because Gabriel is an option that should benefit everyone...

It was conceived in a way that it can be launched on a wider scale.

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